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7-segment display bord gebaseerd op de TM163x driver ic.

TM1637 pin configurartie
TM1637 PIN Arduino PIN Description
CLK Any digital PIN Clock
DIOPIN Any digital PIN Digital output
VCC 5V Supply voltage
GND GND Ground

Download de Arduino library op arduino-tm1637 en installeer met menu sketch>libraries>add from zip.

Voorbeeld van basis sketch:

	Basic usage example
	Demonstrated some of the basic functionality of the library. 
        Initialize the display, set the backlight brightness, 
        print some text, count from 0 to 100 and print on display and blink some text.
  Note: make sure to set your serial monitor to line end: NEW LINE!
	The circuit:
  * connect TM1637 pin CLK to Arduino pin D4
  * connect TM1637 pin DIO to Arduino pin D5
  * connect TM1637 pin Vcc to Arduino pin 5V
  * connect TM1637 pin GND to Arduino pin GND
	Created 25 September 2015
	By Bram Harmsen

// include the SevenSegmentTM1637 library
#include "SevenSegmentTM1637.h"

/* initialize global TM1637 Display object
*  The constructor takes two arguments, the number of the clock pin and the digital output pin:
* SevenSegmentTM1637(byte pinCLK, byte pinDIO);
const byte PIN_CLK = 4;   // define CLK pin (any digital pin)
const byte PIN_DIO = 5;   // define DIO pin (any digital pin)
SevenSegmentTM1637    display(PIN_CLK, PIN_DIO);

// run setup code
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);         // initializes the Serial connection @ 9600 baud
  display.begin();            // initializes the display
  display.setBacklight(100);  // set the brightness to 100 %
  display.print("INIT");      // display INIT on the display
  delay(1000);                // wait 1000 ms

// run loop (forever)
void loop() {
  display.print("LOOP");                // display LOOP on the display
  delay(1000);                          // wait 1000 ms
  display.clear();                      // clear the display
  for (uint8_t i=0; i < 100; i++) {     // loop from 0 to 100
    display.print(i);                   // display loop counter
    delay(100);                         // wait 100 ms
  display.clear();                      // clear the display
  display.print("SUCC");                // print SUCC for success
  display.blink();                      // blink SUCC
  delay(1000);                          // wait 1000 ms